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Wait, You’re A Republican?

As the debates progress, the snarky comments between the Republican hopefuls grow stronger. One minute someone is critiquing his opponent’s economic reform while another is dissing the color scheme of somebody’s attire.

I like to imagine that behind closed doors the Republican candidates are “best friends forever” and get together to converse about their lives over tea and crumpets. This is what I envision as a conversation:

Romney: How are your kids, Rick?

Santorum: Which kid? There are so many that I just can’t keep track.

Gingrich: I know exactly what you mean.

Paul: Newt, you only have two children.

Gingrich: Ron, I was talking about my wives!

Romney: *Laughing Out-loud* Oh, Newt! I wish I had your sense of humor AND tax return record!

They would go on to share the latest Democratic gossip and trade tips on how to grill the perfect steak. Alas, this is not real life.

This group would rather partake in low blows and verbal inaccuracies that have the sole purpose of tarnishing their image. Case in point, Romney went after Gingrich by calling him an “influence peddler in Washington”, along with him being a “failed leader whose party ousted him as U.S. House Speaker”. The face to face abuse is simply not enough, for the candidates further their mudslinging through advertisements. Take Ron Paul’s attack on Santorum:

It’s unfortunate that these men have forgotten that they are “technically” in this for the long haul. They share the common goal of wanting to dethrone President Obama so that a Republican representative can take charge. Though it is understandable that each member of this current group of ruffians needs to make his case that he is the most electable, ultimately they will all have to support just one of these candidates. The fact of the matter is that, due to their disagreements, these men have portrayed their party as being completely divided and jumbled. Ah, c’est la vie.

Here’s your Political Portion:

Gingrich would look striking in a green party dress, no?


Picture Perfect President?

It all started in 2008.  The Presidential Election was upon us and a slew of candidates, Republican and Democrat, were ready to duke it out for their opportunity to sit in the oval office. Many individuals desired the prestigious title of Commander in Chief, but only one would walk away as champion. At this time, I was slightly indifferent to who would be crowned the winner.  It was only when I received this video that my indifference turned to pure interest:

I don’t know if I was more concerned that Mike Huckabee willingly admitted that he liked to munch on fried squirrels or that he was so inclined to share his cooking secrets with Morning Joe’s audience. Nevertheless, Huckabee’s adoration for sizzled rodents should not have been a defining factor in whether or not he was a competent Republican contender. His strong views on abortion, foreign policy, and the death penalty were just as charming as his nutritional preferences.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for voters to separate a candidate’s personal life from his actual beliefs. It is these beliefs which matter when running a country. Fast-forward to 2012 and nothing seems to have changed. Newt Gingrich has been the subject of heated controversy with regard to wife numero dos. Ex-wife, Marianne, spilled her soul to ABC, claiming that her former flame wanted an open relationship during their marriage. Despite Newt’s denial, such accusations have left Americans torn. While some voters now have a tainted image of the former Speaker of the House, others find Gingrich a suitable candidate, thus accounting for his domination in the South Carolina primary.

Americans don’t want a president with skeletons in the closet, but rather, one who embodies a cookie-cutter lifestyle. Still, the reality is that the majority of candidates, whether conservative or liberal, tend to have a background that leans more toward that of the Kardashians than that of the Brady Bunch.

Here’s your Political Portion:

Now who would want to fry that?