Never Gonna Give You Up

The offensive battle between the GOP candidates only continues to escalate. With harsher ads and biting discourse, it comes as no surprise that the 2008 Republican nominee, John McCain, was recently quoted as saying that the 2012 GOP race has been the “nastiest” campaign yet. Over the past months the Republican race has proven to be simply a fight between two men: Romney and Santorum. Both contenders have made the most headway and have tallied up the most votes.

Though the former governor of Massachusetts and former senator from Pennsylvania are in it until the end, why in the world are Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul still in the race? Actually, let me rephrase this question. Why in the world is Ron Paul still in the race? Gingrich has at least won two primaries, but Ron Paul has won none. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Does the once Republican now turned Libertarian not realize that his chances to ever become president are slim to nonexistent? Let’s face it. The man’s perseverance is quite admirable. Not only is he the oldest candidate, but when questioned about his health, Paul quickly turned the inquiry into a bicycle challenge that will take place in the sweltering heat.


Look At Him Go!When it comes to vigor, though Paul is arguably a fine specimen of AARP health when compared to ticker-attack McCain, there is something to be said for the sentiment enough is enough. Ron Paul is like an endearing cockroach. He is filled with charm and charisma, but he will never go away. The man keeps subjecting himself to presidential race after presidential race, only setting himself up for failure.

The most logical move for Paul would be to admit defeat so he can return home to his wife and read a nice, long medical textbook over a glass of prune juice. He could rest his joints for that proposed bike ride or, better yet, conserve all his energy for a rousing game of shuffleboard. With suggestions aside, Paul continues to be that messenger for all those who consider themselves to be libertarians.

Despite this being one of the main and probably only reasons why he will not drop out, Paul should give campaigning a rest and maybe find other ways to spread his love for the Constitution.




Here is your Political Portion:

You’ve just been Ron Roll’D!


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