I Think I Can Be A Republican

Given Mitt Romney’s growing momentum and now, the recent support of C-List conservatives, his nomination to be the Republican representative for the 2012 elections is more a reality than a dream. Still, why has it taken so long for Republicans to back-up Romney? Is it because he loves those NASCAR drivers? Or maybe it is because his taxes could buy hundreds of crocodile skin umbrellas that could shield his one of a kind suits. (Did I mention that crocodile skin umbrellas cost 50,000 dollars a piece?)  The endorsements lack determination and favoritism and, instead, tread more on reluctance and doubt.

South Carolina senator Jim DeMint released a statement with regard to Romney, saying, “I’m not only comfortable with Romney, I’m excited about the possibility of him being our nominee.” Jeb Bush also has decided to back Romney, but in a way that appears aloof. What both DeMint and Bush have in common, besides their cubical shaped heads, is that they have neither thoroughly nor convincingly endorsed Romney. Rather than blowing up the Romney balloons or investing in ads declaring their love for Mr. Massachusetts, they’ve given him more of a nice pat on the back for what he has accomplished thus far.

Much of the Republican’s reluctance points to their view of Romney as a moderate rather than a conservative. During the 2008 presidential election, Romney presented his take on universal healthcare, a proposition that Obama would later use as a basis for his own healthcare program. It was this realization that pushed the Republicans to put on their traditionalist capes and right-wing masks and spread their message of anti-socialism across the country. Obviously, the Republicans want someone in office who will be the poster child for their cause and the slightest chance that their candidate might stray sets off the Republican siren.

Romney’s goal is to win over those conservatives who fear that if he were to assume office he would take off his disguise only to reveal that he is truly a flaming liberal. Romney needs to remember that he has to appeal to that conventional demographic or he might be finding himself selling hot dogs at the Radical Convention.




Here’s Your Political Portion:

Superhero > Republican Candidate.


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