Cn Smone Teach Me Hw To Spel?

Remember that post back in January when I harped on the Republicans for their “snarky comments” and use of “low blows” through their mudslinging advertisements? Well, the hope that my message might in some way personally touch and move one of the candidates to cease taking part in such cattiness has failed. Not only has it not affected the lives of the current GOP contestants, but it has made no impression on the general Republican audience.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has decided to take part in the fun by not necessarily attacking the Republican candidates, but rather, by releasing his fury on President Obama. Senator Grassley, who works closely with the Supreme Court, apparently took personal offense when Obama said it would be “unprecedented” if the Supreme Court decided to turn down his health care bill.

Well, what better way to express your anger and resentment toward the leader of the Free World than to type it all out on Twitter. Yes, instead of releasing a verbal statement which would certainly have been more eloquent, Senator Grassley decided to tweet this:

Um, excuse me? Let me get out my Twitter translator as well as my Senator Grassley renderer and let’s see if we can figure this one out.  Oh! Well, he must be referring to President Obama because he was a professor of constitutional law, but the “Am ppl” part has left me, as well as the Twitter-verse, befuddled. Senator Grassley, were you so excited to give it to Obama that you neglected your vowels? In fact, most of your tweets sound like a kindergartner typed them. Like this one:

Or this one:

“What is Alex Baldwin doing in USA advertising for Capital One credit card. He said he was going lv US of Bush was elected”

I mean seriously Grassley, seriously? First off, it’s Alec Baldwin not Alex. And second of all, seriously? Outbursts like these from the Republican party are only negatively affecting their image. It’s bad enough that three out of the four Republican candidates are continuing to drag out the race, so there is no room for additional stupidity.

Here is your political portion:

Once he cleans up his spelling, Grassley might want to listen to Jack’s fashion advice.


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