Gracias Me Gusta Burritos de Pollo

The Romney campaign was given a mission. A mission to appeal to members of the opposite sex in hopes that their votes would give Mitt the needed boost over President Obama. Now, after one week, Romney has a new goal to attain, that is, to trick the Latino demographic into thinking he knows the difference between a quesadilla and an enchilada.

Are those Nachos?

The way for Romney to achieve this is to tackle the immigration problem, but unfortunately he cannot since one of his campaign platforms is to harp on those illegal immigrants. Such a stance is yet another attempt by Romney to prove that he is dangerously conservative. In fact, the choice to pursue such an issue is a failure on Romney’s part since illegal immigration is at the bottom of the list when it comes to American concerns.




So get ready for some major damage control, America, because Mitt Romney might be fashioning a sombrero and taking a few shots of tequila before he makes the rounds. Who knows, we might be lucky enough to hear him attempt to speak some Spanish. He’ll probably address the crowd by saying “Hola” and then try to express how much the Hispanic community means to him, but instead he’ll sputter, “Mi gato es de color rojo.” Though you might have dyed your pet feline to represent the Republican Party, it’s not going to win you the seat in the White House, hombre.

Here’s your political portion:

Hopefully, this will give Romney a basic understanding of how to speak Spanish. Emphasis on the hopefully.


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